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The Gregory Brothers «Auto-Tune the News #8» at the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards

The Gregory Brothers perform «Auto-Tune the News #8, Season 1» at the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards, April 11, 2010. My view from the front row at the Orpheum Th…

Explicit & Unedited.

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19 комментариев to “The Gregory Brothers «Auto-Tune the News #8» at the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards”

  1. maweywose:

    wow it looked like andrew was looking right at you

  2. dwyn1:

    I kinda wish they had sang the vocals live, and took their tracks out of
    the final mix. guess that would kinda be impossible, but as talented as
    these guys are, they could have figured something out

  3. Joie Pecoraro:

    Lucky!!! You got to go 🙁

  4. FangsUpCobraFans:

    Lol weren’t they supposed to premiere this on CNN?

  5. Captaindonut16:

    @omaigad11 nope , not really , at first i thought they did , but as you can
    see the last part when michael , sang «how can you refuse a man with a
    mullet and a piece of bread » I heard the michael’s voice was a bit behind
    , as if he was a little late , but anyways , i still love them haha . okay
    bye . xD

  6. Fog Cat:

    Katie Couric is beautiful!! Ms. Gregory is beautiful!! I love what you guys
    do! totally cool! i’ve shared these with all of my friends. Hugo Chavez,,,
    not so beautiful, Lol!! More power to ya!!!

  7. Kv0nT:

    TGB should consider not hitching their wagon to a political party of total

  8. kidneystoner88:

    #8 is my favorite one — I’m so happy that there’s a video of them
    performing #8!!!!

  9. Apollo:

    It’s wired live

  10. Imageword:

    I think Evan is the only one who tried to really perform his role. It seems
    they aren’t well-practiced to actually perform, which is ok.

  11. chaygremlin:

    fantastic! great to see it «live», such a talented family (and one of my
    favourite episodes!) <3

  12. TheComputerShuffle:

    @larrykless PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE upload a version without the over
    dub of the original mix. I really want to hear it live. Thanks so much. 5

  13. Kris Owens:

    they should’ve been dancing

  14. andyvirus102:

    they were just singing with it well better then lip syncing

  15. omaigad11:

    they’re lipsync

  16. rajhah:

    1:23 — may be the best chord I’ve ever heard in my life.

  17. JcRoLlTiDe11:

    wow 1 person missed the like button

  18. Steven Miller:

    Best quote of the night — «They just couldn’t eat all that hog» — Peter
    Palma. Almost spit coffee all over my computer at work. You should ALWAYS
    have Peter on the show.?

  19. Brandon Maloney:

    Quincy never carried a gun?