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Sneak Peek 2.0 Trailer

Support us now and get access to play sneak peek right away! NEXTCARGAME.COM The response to our first technology sneak peek was so amazing that we decided t…

17.03.2012 В неприятную историю попала гражданка Белоруссии. Жительница Могилева добиралась домой из Германии без документов, босиком и полураздетой. В таком…

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25 комментариев to “Sneak Peek 2.0 Trailer”

  1. Kakarot:

    Damn the driving looks amazing, GTA 5 is disgraceful….Feels like a cheap
    racing game :S?

  2. Arthur Dent:

    Well, they got physics, i give them that.?

  3. TheFreeman:

    Oh my God! The return of Flatout!
    The graphics and the physics are AWESOME!!!!?

  4. michael ruelas:

    like the song whats it called?

  5. Alcoholic Agressor:

    thanks for not using nvidia physx?

  6. zajc1948:

    This will be the best car game ever 😀 pre alpha is awsome!?

  7. Orion 12321:

    Destruction porn :D?

  8. Indy7272:

    Wrecking cars is cool. Wrecking everything is epic :D?

  9. Thejebe:

    The Romu engine is the Frostbyte of car games.?

  10. Johny Jung:

    This is really stunning. The physics of Flatout 2 was also breath taking,
    and i was wondering why things don’t have this quality, even with hardware
    Physx. Compliment guys. Develope an physic engine for 3ds max and you will
    swim in money. ?

  11. mobiusraptor7:

    Will it be available for next-gen consoles??

  12. Spencer Kanapka:

    Awsome Amazing and….. COOOL !!!!?

  13. Curly Sparkle:

    Levolution lol?

  14. Darroch192:

    Oh consolers, your tears are delicious :3
    You’ll get it, like GTA with PC… 5 months later!! hehe.
    Oh I’m so butthurt 😀 just like most consolers.?

  15. Firepants20:

    This is a «Car Game» and it has better physics than 99% of the games out
    there.. This is awesome! I hope they share this engine with others or at
    least sell licenses. ?


    Hienoa ett? suomalaiset ovat tehneen t?ll?isi? pelej??

  17. Megakev:

    Can someone please answer do you get this sneak peek if you buy the regular
    version on steam too??

  18. NoVa Kive:

    Please release this on xbox one?

  19. Andrew Born:

    Awaiting for.?

  20. Trispefear:

    When a racing game has better physics and destruction than battlefield 4?

  21. vi sloom28 vi:

    how do you play this map,i have the game?

  22. AmazingCraft:

    Will it blend? xD?

  23. loris harriss:

    THIS GAME awesome but it need some van and pickups truks ;)?

  24. Quad9363:

    Oh I want this so much!?

  25. z0ng0:

    Gentlemen, you have my $25. Destruction Derby and FlatOut in one game… I
    can’t wait ! :)?