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Range Rover 2013 [HD] (Option Auto News)

Range Rover 2013 — Paris Motor Show 2012 — http://www.optionauto.com.

Almost 10 years ago to the day, RUF began to fill niches in the market with the, at that time new, water-cooled Porsche models. The first RUF RGT was based o…

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13 комментариев to “Range Rover 2013 [HD] (Option Auto News)”

  1. KWT9107:

    dat driver seat!

  2. Jaspreet Singh:

    LOL buy Ford Flex

  3. DlikeDennis:

    looks like shit…

  4. Chelsea_boy123:

    Doesn’t look as good as the old one 🙁

  5. g-man:

    Dosent look like a land rover anymore 🙁

  6. ALIK Simonyan:

    Range Rover SUPER MASINA

  7. Max Mustermann:

    wow the older one looks so much better!!!!

  8. Dmitry Kolpakov:

    It’s freaking awesome!

  9. Wedgeman `:

    This is the HSE line-up!!!! not the sport that’s why it looks like shit.

  10. Craig Carey:


  11. samoul lilawe:

    can i buy there engine

  12. estebebe28 .:

    Beautiful car, I actually enjoy using this car more than the 911 in Forza

  13. Martorell Bastien:

    Ruf l’un des meilleurs pr?parateurs du monde !