OFFICIAL Mercedes E63 AMG Teaser 2013 [HD] (Option Auto News) - Автозапчасти б/у | Автозапчасти б/у

OFFICIAL Mercedes E63 AMG Teaser 2013 [HD] (Option Auto News)

OFFICIAL Mercedes E63 AMG Teaser 2013 [HD] (Option Auto News) E 63 AMG Saloon 5461 cc 410 kW (557 hp) at 5500 rpm Max. torque 720 Nm at 1750-5250 rpm Fuel co…

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27 комментариев to “OFFICIAL Mercedes E63 AMG Teaser 2013 [HD] (Option Auto News)”

  1. Luca Hricks:

    amazing car?

  2. Mikhail Tuknov:
  3. boelze:

    Winterspell — Two Steps From Hell

  4. CheeseWizify:

    ay yo

  5. horesvinet:

    You can’t prefer BMW design to this?! OK i’ll admit the newest 5 series is
    good looking, but the rest is sh*t

  6. horesvinet:

    Yes this is gorgeous, but don’t get the impression that I don’t like BMWs,
    cause I do. The thing that makes AMG Mercs so impressive, is their engines.
    BMWs are exciting, but in another way. I would love any new Merc or BMW,
    but Mercs are in my blood xD Respect to you sir 😀

  7. w00000tang:

    Wouw! Where did you get it from? Checked the AMG homepage, but n/a ;-p
    Anyways, greatest car, I love its sovereignty! Wanna drive it one day 😉
    3,6 to 100 is WORD besides the fact that it is will for sure be fantastic
    to drive!

  8. django dsilent:


  9. Pav025:

    Hyundai??? Get off the crack!!!!!!!!

  10. Mike Frank:

    i was just listening to frank sinatra before and this dubstep crap is just
    cancer for my ears. i love mercedes benz though (i own one myself) but this
    has nothing to do with class. i know its AMG but still…

  11. peckerwoodsfv:

    game over m!!!!!

  12. dhahi500:

    M5 killer

  13. Fabio Lorenz:

    Winterspell — Two Steps From Hell!

  14. hairesonyourchest:

    Nicest looking car Mercedes has made in years.

  15. mainlymusicman:

    forte 2014

  16. Latetzki:

    Yeah, but that’s 4WD. I wouldn’t want that.

  17. abdulrahman bin abed:

    i have one its so amazing

  18. Miguel Denis Perez:

    This car gt class

  19. Pav025:

    lol, keep dreaming.

  20. Latetzki:

    F10 M5 has much a smaller V8 and only produces 17hp less than new E63.
    Acceleration is quicker in M5 though. So it’s hard to say yet which one
    does better. Weirdly there’s no mention how much that thing weights.

  21. Snilsson:

    The saloon is gorgeous.

  22. Andre Trotta:

    That s-model e63 amg, 0-100 in 3.6 seconds, that shit is cray

  23. Pav025:

    what model kia?

  24. Latetzki:

    Where are you getting that?

  25. therulerzigzagzig:

    rich families

  26. goofy foot:

    Is this marketed to metro sexual guys??

  27. Ben Bourne:

    On her?