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OFFICIAL Mercedes-Benz E Class 2013 [HD] (Option Auto News)

Mercedes-Benz E Class 2013 [HD] (Option Auto News) Mercedes-Benz has revised all of the model series of the E-Class more comprehensively than ever before, to…

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25 комментариев to “OFFICIAL Mercedes-Benz E Class 2013 [HD] (Option Auto News)”

  1. mohamed bencheikh:

    nice music !!!!! compositor ?????

  2. villiam robinosn:

    need get one?

  3. Herbert Hall:

    Lovely car !!!?

  4. Julio Rojas:

    OFFICIAL Mercedes-Benz E Class 2013 [HD] (Option Auto News)?

  5. waqas altaf:

    THIS IS 2014 NOT 2013

  6. reza khan:

    The last E class was way better

  7. Mercs Fan:

    I only loved the back of E63 because it was different from other cars! But
    Sorry Mercedes the back New E Class is more Like BWM M3 Coupe.

  8. Julius U:

    you shouldnt be. this one is ugly.i got in 2011 and it looks much better

  9. aerev:

    The headlights in this video are for the Avantgarde version, they don’t
    show the standard headlights, which in Europe will be on the Classic and
    Elegance versions. Those headlights are to me, much better looking. They
    don’t have those distinct DRL lights like in this Avantgarde version, on
    the standard versions the DRL’s are situated in the bottom of the

  10. Jack G:

    Interior; beautiful, exterior thumbs down

  11. m.khairulazmi Kamil:

    This model E class 2013 is a finest artistic designing car, modern, not
    over make up and changing the basic design into a unique design.

  12. Nono:

    Help me find music playing in the video

  13. Fly High:

    Much better the 2010 version….

  14. aventdrr:

    the backlights look like an old hyundai sonata. This is fucking terrible

  15. marco Simone Bernasconi:

    audi-bmw sucks

  16. TheHudlm:

    Acctualy in 2015 a new one will come out. Thats why the facelift.

  17. dejan3773:

    Terrible part came in when Hyundai copied it from Mercedes.

  18. dziamdziel:

    yep , the last version was much much better.

  19. TheMRLiut:

    The Elegance version is at 0:35

  20. Jae Park:

    In my opinion, the whole style is not that impressive at all, let alone the
    headlights.Did they hire previous or current BMW designers or something? I
    think they gave the previous model minor alerations. (The designers would’t
    agree to my idea, I guess… lol)

  21. Sudhir Kumar:

    for full specification and features onlinedear{dot}com

  22. Chuck Norris:

    Rear light oooh god whyyy

  23. Ron Nard Koay:

    The design is all over the place… It’s horrible!

  24. TheMaestroPianist:

    Two steps from hell — All Is Hell That Ends Well

  25. MVPMV:

    Extremely attractive