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Lexus GS Super Bowl 2012 Spot [HD] (Option Auto News)

Lexus GS Super Bowl 2012 Spot.

I did these remixes last year after a flood of great songifications by the Gregory Brothers. These were on my main channel f…
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9 комментариев to “Lexus GS Super Bowl 2012 Spot [HD] (Option Auto News)”

  1. Victor Bucio:

    Such a hot ass car!

  2. Toyota4Life:

    sexy sexy sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  3. Prrexchristbalite:

    godzilla soundtrack music.

  4. bluechipmunk:

    My favorite of your 8 bit mixes

  5. Wojoe jojo:

    I remember when I first saw this lol, it’s really fun to play both tracks
    at the same time

  6. DrewsReviews42:

    Keep up the good work man:) Keep on making more. This should be in a video
    game. Well done

  7. Diego Droguett:

    Very well done, this is amazing!

  8. Art By Jac:

    only 719 views? that is a damn shame!

  9. xXStarlite14Xx:

    This makes me think of something that should be in one of the older Sonic
    games lol