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GTA 5 Online — Heist Update 1.20 Discussion (Grand Theft Auto V Heists)

Grand Theft Auto V Online — Discussion on Heists Release Date, Content, New Cars, New Masks, New Patch Notes, & New Guns! Can’t wait for the heist DLC to come out, the anticipation is growing!…

Alle wichtigen Neuigkeiten der letzten Tage zu Grand Theft Auto 5 Online im praktischen News ?berblick! Geleakte Bankraub Erfolge, die neue EMP Bombe, Infos …

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  1. NoahJ456:

    My favorite people are the ones who subscribe just to dislike every video I
    make, when it has literally been up for 1 minute and they couldn’t have
    even watched it all the way through yet. If you are one of these people,
    unsubscribe if you’re coming just to hate. :)?

  2. NoahJ456:

    Comment question: Since we know for SURE Heists are going to be the next
    patch, how much do you think they will payout??

  3. Red Viking:

    if i could design the heist update it would go like this:

    -A van with sliding side door (storeable and moddable)
    -UH-1 Iroquois helicopter (with rear sliding doors)
    -Skylift for purchase
    -Dingy for purchase

    Vehicle Mods:
    -Bullet resistant windows
    -More bullbars, pushbars, and bumpers
    -Working roof lights

    -Flare gun
    -Trip Mine
    -Flash bang / Concussion
    -Flares (Buy able)
    -Throwing knife

    -Ski masks
    -bandana (face)
    -tactical vests
    -pistol holsters
    -gloves (wearable with any top)
    -More body armour designs

    -Rappel from any player controlled helicopter with a winch
    -Exit high end apartments through roof
    -More interiors (police stations, banks, underground bunkers)
    -Ladder from the subway to the street

    -Paleto bay Heist $600000 4-6 players
    -Ornate bank Heist $300000 4-6 players
    -Union Depository Heist $2000000 4-6 players
    -Train Heist $500000 4-6 players
    -North Yankton Heist $1500000 4-6 players
    -Fleeca Banks (rob in free mode) $20000 4 or 5 stars?

  4. Zach Michael's:

    Noah please just don’t get your hopes up to high because they have delayed
    it about three times Idk why you still trust and believe them after all the
    problems they have caused I hope that Gta V gets heists but c’mon there’s
    more of a chance of them delaying it then actually releasing it and even if
    heists get released they will most likely make the max player payout be
    about 45k each player and for solo probably 75k so yeah I’m pretty sure
    they will find away to ruin the spirits of the gta community?

  5. Shrek Is Love Shrek Is life:


  6. Adam Boulton:

    I hope they bring out a fast van with sliding doors and 6 seat’s?

  7. aaron291SDL:

    This is so fake the 1st person view is clearly a mod u fake assholes ?

  8. MrSandman1118:

    My fear is that the heist will give us like 100,000 at the most and like
    only once a day and just be assholes and give us no money ?

  9. TheMOOChannelll:

    This is what people have been saying since the game came out. Heists are
    never gonna happen.?

  10. Ole Petter Sivertsen:

    You guys do know Rockstar never said it’s the next update, right? They said
    heist will be coming quickly after the next generation release. But not
    that it’s necessary the next one. Can be update number 2-3 too.?

  11. AgentUnderFire291:

    GTA online is already 1.20?

  12. King Melo157:

    Thank you once again for the awesome video dude!

  13. ThatGuyWhoPlaysGTAV:

    Not necessarily the next PATCH, but update. Isn’t xbox one and playstation
    4 on 1.20 already??

  14. Zach Dillenger:

    Heist styled vehicles? really? you want something sturdy and tough get an
    SUV, you in no way shape of forum need special vehicles for this. If you do
    geez you suck rockstar already nerfed the cops so they are easy has shit to
    get away from and kill how much more of a hand out do you people need?.

    they wont add stun guns in online or anything like it because of people get
    off of that already, stealth don’t exist in gta5 you cna come up behind
    them and them will know your there, GTA is shoot shoot and shoot there is
    no need to try and be all ninja. The cops will come you will have to run
    etc thats the point not «Imma get in and out without them seeing me durrrr».

    You already have masks they wont add the gas mask because that would make
    you immune to players tear gas so no you won’t get that.

    PS I watched your video from start to finish.I also dont hate your post I
    merely disagree with what your saying here content wise is all.?

  15. dee jay:

    Heist are not coming out next update . Gta5 youtubers have to make daily
    videos about something even if it’s not true.
    Why get mad when someone dislike your video? maybe people are tired of
    seeing HEIST next to every video, like they have proof it’s coming.

  16. Rheon Hamilton:

    If your in stealth mode in a lts or deathmatch, your red blip doesn’t show
    but if your running around it will show.?

  17. White Wyvern:

    I hope they eventually bring the musket to online, it’s very underpowered
    and not that usefull so i dont see why it cant be implemented online, I’d
    love to make custom maps with it.?

  18. ClassifiedGamer:

    I heard it’ll come around 23rd December to late 2015 I’m so excited I saw
    online players in a police uniform and I’m in the SAPD on gta v so it’ll be
    amazing ps: if you want to join police clan/ crew talk to ODST H117 in xbox
    360 😉 ?

  19. jason baskins:

    Why do commentators talk so fast??

  20. GRU Games:

    They’re not silencers (those don’t, and will never, exist) they’re

  21. EpicSolutionZ:

    Its not really a discussion, you’re the only one talking xD?

  22. Brandon Young:

    Noah since there is a huge chance that a christmas dlc will come out this
    year could heist come out in december.?

  23. mike rack:

    Doubt it’s coming out, heists made me never wanna buy another rockstar
    product ever again?

  24. Stephen Simone:

    I don’t understand how people can be so mad at Rockstar for taking too long
    to develop the heists DLC. I just don’t understand how you could be mad
    about a game company developing a FREE addition onto a game that’s already
    great just because it’s taking too long. Be grateful for all they’ve
    already done, like the other 5 or so free DLCs.?

  25. cod cips:

    Warning:if you are still reading this then you have just wasted some of
    your life ?

  26. Sgt. Neun:

    Super Video, aber eine Frage habe ich noch. Wie kann man sich abrollen? Ich
    spiele auf der PS3.?

  27. Dosabrinami:

    Ey max Nen kumpel hat Mir heir Ron mysteri?ses easter egg/ bug? Gezeigt und
    tear GTA online zu Michaels Haus fahren und dann wenn du davor stehst
    rechts halten und bei der Seitent?re links gegen die wand schie?en es
    taucht eine Art Rahmen bzw. Tue auf mehr nicht aber was hat es auf sich ??
    Harry Potter easter egg??

  28. Blazin Dino:

    Mich freut die Hydra so sehr.
    Bester Jet in San Andreas.
    Ich sch?tze nicht, dass sie so schnell wie der Lazer oder auch so wendig
    wird, aber vielleicht haben wir daf?r ja sogar Tarnk?rper.?

  29. sansebastian13:

    Max als du das video gemacht hast bin ich immer rausgeflogen wegen meiner
    schei? internetleitung?

  30. TheDevil1274:

    Klasses Video.

    Jetz mal was anderes. Braucht man f?r Let’s Plays oder generell
    Spielevideos die Erlaubnis des Publishers??

  31. mmuiscTV:

    Hey weplayoldschool, ich find deine infos einfach nur top, ich guck deine
    videos ja schon seit die ersten sachen/ger?chte von gta 5 rausgekommen
    sind. Bleib wie immer und mach weiter geile info-Videos damit ich mich
    nochmehr auf gta freue wenn ein update rauskommt ^^?

  32. Laurenz Schreiber:

    Wei? jemand ob die neuen Sachen der ps4 und xbox one auch als Update f?r
    die ps3 und xbox 360 kommen??

  33. Dosabrinami:

    Spitzen Video wie immer mach weiter so 😉 hier noch was interessantes 😉

  34. Lets Player 94:

    Wannkommt wider ein neues Video ?

  35. Richi Richmond:

    Aber Wann kommt wieder mal ein guter Geld glitch?

  36. MrZyrois:

    449 Euro ist ein sehr schlechter Deal. Zum Vergleich sind die anderen
    bundels wie zb. Mit fifa 15,destiny, driveclub usw. f?r 399 ist noch f?r.
    Gibts auch schon seit par Wochen f?r 339 ohne Spiel zu haben. 449 mit gta5
    ist auf jeden zu viel.

  37. Glenn Rhee:

    Hast du schon geh?rt, dass angeblich GTA 5 f?r PS4 2 wochen fr?her kommen
    Ist anscheinend ein Ger?cht, was Gamestar irgendwie herausgefunden hat.
    Ich glaub zwar nicht jeden Mist von Gamestar, aber vielleicht liegt daran
    ja was?

  38. mairim1511:

    Freu mich schon auf die Bankr?ube. Allerdings gibt es wirklich nichts
    umsonst in GTA Online, erstmal Vorkasse bevor Bankraub…
    So lange da mindestens das doppelte rausspringt als man investieren musste
    ist es in Ordnung, ansonsten w?re das schon ziemlich mies.?

  39. RedThunder Ryuu-Red:

    naja die 300k sind ja auch net grad viel

    und wieso bringen sie den Skylift nicht in gta online?

  40. sirpaddymiles:

    best ever?

  41. HaloX Wolfspakt Crew:

    Ganz viele neue Infos?

  42. AeRoX OpticX:

    Nice 😀 Wie immer

  43. COCO COCO:

    eine frage: Bekommt man auf der ps3 auch eine million gta dollar oder nur
    auf den ps4 und auf denn xbox one