Gregory Brothers perform Turtle Fence, Auto Tune the News, Digitour 2011 - Автозапчасти б/у | Автозапчасти б/у

Gregory Brothers perform Turtle Fence, Auto Tune the News, Digitour 2011

Those fantabulous Gregory Brothers, Michael, Evan, Sarah and Anderew… perform The Turtle Fence Auto Tune the News #10 song live at The House of Blues, Hous…

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46 комментариев to “Gregory Brothers perform Turtle Fence, Auto Tune the News, Digitour 2011”

  1. GadgetGaming:

    Dat Sarah in the thumbnail though?

  2. DanoandMussolove:

    Michael and Evan are gods.

  3. Mesin Besi:

    I favorited and liked this video before it even loaded. 🙂

  4. rabbitkiller:

    WOW!! 0 dislikes

  5. Flavio Brand?o:

    I love you Sarah, marry me?

  6. Dysusfusion:

    I take it they didn’t come to canada

  7. GlennMagusHarvey:

    @31m0r0 and build a turtle fence there?

  8. Peter Short:

    GET YOUR BACKSIDES TO THE UK NOW!!!! … please ah go on! 😀

  9. CambrianFC:

    Is it the mic on camera or is the singing bad? Cant listen to this.

  10. nemo runks:

    where is the auto tune button they sound like doo doo lmao

  11. Fuat Ilham:

    this is epic lol

  12. 31m0r0:

    I wish they’d come to Europe someday

  13. olfan92:

    But theres no autotune 🙁

  14. abcumm25:

    @SnarfinAarons no worries, I like your videos. i think you’re footage is
    some of the best quality 🙂

  15. SnarfinAarons:

    @upmybracket sometimes our camera gets stuck in zoom, sorry 🙁

  16. bombygriz:

    So if they’re the Gregory Brothers…what happened to Sarah being a girl?
    Poor girl…

  17. xXMaGGoXx:

    Imagine somebody that doesn’t know the video. They wouldn’t know what the
    fuck is going on.

  18. beesly01:

    @bombygriz she married one of them

  19. faselblaDer3te:

    The more I drink, the more this congress is making sense.

  20. Matt Adams:

    zoom the fuck out

  21. Tobey Wan-Kenobi:


  22. hareauto1:

    love love love My Camaro!!!

  23. asdfgoogle:

    I want to hear the damn engines powerband!!!!

  24. irokatcod4:

    dont fall off the edge. lol, jk. sweet car, wanna see my 2010 camaro, then
    look at my channel

  25. samuellog28:

    SBARTSTV nice video, reminds me of me in college — haha. I’m five’six and I
    can dunk. I used the real nba training that real nba players use. If you
    want more info about the program, check out — | 50 inch vertical [dot] com

  26. CoolbreezeX82X:

    Good point, but man chill out on all the GM hate, you are too obsessed.
    Change your name and get a life plz.

  27. slashgrass:

    neither can i

  28. duflar:

    I’ve drivin a Celica (6 of them) since 1978. I figured I have saved enough
    on gas over the years so I went out and bought a 2011 Camaro 2SS/RS V8 6
    speed manual. I visit the gas station about every 3 days and feed her 93
    octane. I’m loving it!

  29. 69camaroZR:

    @Janusha i wouldnt listen to me cuz i probably dont have the greatest car
    advice im only 13 but i grew up around cars

  30. lando570:

    that things is a thing of beauty wish i could get one

  31. sejonasluv:

    @asdfgoogle YEP!!! AGREEE

  32. hjgfghch:

    yeah you wish

  33. T1WL2PG:

    it is a V8 by the hood

  34. captonsped:

    when will be on sale in canada

  35. genc shkembi:

    i am a camaro man,but i love mustangs too i love all the american cars.and
    hate all the asian and europen ones

  36. drivefast8756:

    Gm Authority online has great information on General Motors. Check it out.

  37. tblack21:

    looks good in white

  38. ShmeXybeasTy:

    sick as fuck i can tell its a v8 by the extra thick scoop and slit

  39. drfaticus F-gm:

    gm sucks!!the slomaro is garbage!!!SHELBY rules!!!

  40. ksizinfandel:

    haha im looking at SS for 34.7G

  41. slbiggs36:

    You’ll have to, ’cause it’s not coming!

  42. joebelman:

    Damn cant wait till i grt that when i turn 16

  43. colombia3229:

    hahaha or a prius

  44. latinoslife:

    WTF!!!! NO WAY 40g wow man i think you got ripped off by dealer im looking
    at SS for 36G wow!!!



  46. Janusha:

    And those are your only two options ? Its impossible to get a good car with
    good mileage ?