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Dodge Dart SRT4 Coming with 300hp! — Auto and Tech News

Video providing information on the all new 2014 Dodge Dart SRT4 that will be released. Info has been leaked to the public that the SRT team at Dodge is worki…

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  1. PyroBlonde7777:


  2. TwiTch:

    those dealers must be retarded, it wouldn’t be an srt-4 if it was a v6

  3. Comedy101688:

    that’s still great 300hp out of a 4 cyl engine..

  4. Shane Yadon:

    @AustinBishop u dumb ass a hemi would not fit in the dart dumb ass you are
    really FUCKING dumb

  5. ManhatanProj3ct:

    Man, I was actually interested in this car until I found out it was FWD

  6. ISniffDirtyPanties:


  7. slabbius:

    Give me a stripper srt4 dart for around 24k-25k and I’ll buy it.

  8. DOHC66:

    Some dude was saying it was going to be a V6. And it wont be, because its
    an SRT4. Then another guy said there was no such thing as an SRT6, and
    there was one. It was the Crossfire with the the Benz SC motor.

  9. Americanmuscle1968:

    It’s awesome, but the Dart has a much nicer interior.

  10. My name:

    Well both of the srt4’s that i have driven are modified so idk how stock
    srt4s perform but the caliber has the stage 1 ecu from mopar and exhaust by
    no means is it a turd if a person who has never driven a front wheel drive
    car has never driven something with power they will not be able to handle
    it right away because of the torque steer. Lol yeah man i dont think you
    were driving an srt4, a metro? really?

  11. Rodney Fleischer:

    @TheOverlord15 Dodge is ending the Avenger line.

  12. BiteythePossum:

    a guy i know has a miata with a boss 302 mustang engine

  13. DOHC66:

    But the SRT 4 Dart will be a 4 cylinder.

  14. SalveMonesvol:

    A 2.4l I4 should make 400whp with a propper turbo system. It would be a
    blast to drive, even with fwd.

  15. Americanmuscle1968:


  16. aaronmcgaga83:

    I’d rather buy a used Viper for around the 30 g mark.

  17. Cody Kulas:

    They’re making 1500 awd models. the rest are fwd

  18. AUZO19:

    Sorry to disapoint you guys, but you will need to wait until 2016 for the
    SRT and 2015 for the not confirmed yet GTS

  19. TheMMObro:

    also i love that lil touch screen thing on this car i want one in mine
    somehow xD do they make them aftermarket?

  20. sweg biggums:

    srt4 was a pile everybody i know said that when they had them that the car
    basically fell apart around the engine which i will admit wasn’t too bad

  21. TwiTch:

    who are you saying that too.

  22. 85Stang331:

    Nice car I left Chrysler corp during the bail out issue so I will stick
    with my Daytona turbo z

  23. Luis Arturo Murillo:

    DODGE FOREVER!!!!!!!

  24. My name:

    We have topped out my friends and it goes to 155. He has beat a ton of cars
    lol a metro would not stand a chance at all. Are you sure you were driving
    an srt4 (2.4 turbo 6 speed manual) and not a regular caliber with the 1.8
    or 2.0.?

  25. Franklin Bates:

    True, thats like trying to fit a LS1 in my Cobalt. It could be done but you
    would have to do some MAJOR engine bay modification along with a shit ton
    of other things to make it work, but even then you would have little to no
    space in your engine bay and working on it would mean taking out the engine
    completely. It would be a cool custom car for shows or the strip but
    nothing to put everyday use to.