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Blender 2.72 Feature Pie Menus Hot off the press at the time of writing is the new pie menu functionality that has b…

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  1. luchvk:

    This is a cool tool. I didn’t know how to use it when it was first
    announced, but now that I do I see it being a very useful and intuitive
    tool. I did switch around the hotkeys though. I’m still used to not having
    the Pie menus. So I set up everything «Pie» to revolve around Q; being that
    it had no previous function and it was the least intrusive key for me to
    use. I set Snapping to Shift+Tab though, I ran out of hotkeys to use for Q.
    I like having all of the old functions while still being able to use the
    new Pie menus. Thanks!?

  2. Rafael S?nchez:

    View Pie Menu needs the options «View all» and «View Selected» IMHO.?

  3. aivar242:

    I think this is the desired function. It adds interactivity and interesting
    to modeling. There is a desire to modeling.?

  4. Don Luis Salcedo:

    Blender 2.72 Feature Pie Menus

    En las versiones DEV ya esta incluido bajo ADDONS/user interface

    Versiones dev:

  5. Orphydian:

    how do you get this black UI??

  6. Reidh Beallagh:

    I too began with Maya 8.5 and found the radial spacebar menus to be not

  7. Al Jairo:

    Cool, but I’m still trying to get the pie menu.?

  8. Erik Scott:

    I’m actually disappointed with the menu design. It’s too much like Maya’s,
    which I found ugly and, more importantly, hard to use as it wasn’t always
    obvious which one you were selecting. I saw an early design where each
    option was shaped like a wedge, and it was very obvious what region of the
    screen/menu did what. I also thought it looked cleaner. ?

  9. Jan-Frederik Stieler:

    nice overview of the new Pie Menu.
    Could you tell me how do you navigate so fast through the pie menu?
    Do you use some mouse gestures or are you so fast to click the mousebutton?


  10. Tim Edwards:

    Blender 2.72 Feature Pie Menus?

  11. Susan Arango:

    Such cool new features in Blender 2.72!! They have quite a few good

  12. Inwader 77:

    in new version of tex paint we have many useful tools.
    Curves. lines, gradients and more other.

    but we link material with tex paint and separate from uv maps.
    it is unnecessary limits, loading on CPU, fade speed and performance.
    for example, we can not use for stencil uv map with few images, for clone
    multiimage uv maps we must create material for each image with two textures
    1st-painted image 2nd clone image. it create mess with mat and tex.

    if we want create mat with image and uv one touch — use material until addon
    if we want create(change) image one touch — use paint layer manager addon
    both this addons present in all builds.?

  13. Ivo Schoenmakers:

    Thanks for the upload :)?

  14. Andr? Fortin:

    this is a major boost to blenders workflow!! i like it?

  15. Al Jairo:

    Um, when did 2.72 come out???

    is it free too????

  16. Jean Luc:


  17. Blender Plaza:

    Thanks a lot for this video! Nice feature I’m really looking forward to!?

  18. Yin Shiuan:

    #Blender 2.72 Feature Pie Menus?

  19. kola wole:

    With the pie-menu blender look more exiting and brilliant thank you blender
    i am a supporter?

  20. RAW TEE:

    I went to the dw page clicked the download button.
    Installed the 2.71>? and No pie menu
    No User Interface in the addons list.
    wait … I had to download the latest Build ZIP.. All’s well. Thanks?