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Bill O’Reilly VS. Grand Theft Auto V

Bill O’Reilly’s The O’Reilly Factor invites a «tech expert» to dish the problem with violent video games and calls 30 million people «stupid» and potential c…

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  1. KingMoney:

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  2. Egores House:

    Lol, is this what american news is like? Fucking bunch of retarded cunts.?

  3. Andrew Longenecker:

    These people are idiots they clearly don’t realize that all people who play
    GTA are not criminals in real life the criminals that come of this game are
    mentally ill well before anything happens that’s what they don’t get.?

  4. madazz:

    Is he actually serious? My god Corolla seems like a ignorant dipshit.?

  5. mirbb:

    Honestly I think like a third or more of GTA players are stupid from my
    experience online… just fucking mouth breathing degenerates.?

  6. Zack Morris:

    These to old buggers really don’t understand that the one guy that went on
    a really life gta was blaming his actions on the game simply because it’s a
    so called excuse. Its funny how unintelligent and blinded these to men are
    on fox. Please tell me these guys are joking about younger people playing a
    game like gta will do crimes, with 25 million copy of the game sold its one
    case now correct me if im wrong but that seems to me like that young guys
    was like f*** im the police have got me ill blame it on The game.

    Well the young gentleman could be unintelligent,
    But seems to me if fox news really think its the game to blame they are the

  7. cristian elizondo:

    Bill O’reilly it a CNT, anyone that plays GTA5 will know what that is.?

  8. Carlos Carranza:

    Guys! The person who uploaded this is not promoting this philosophy
    demonstrated in video as something they agree to but as something they
    disagree with so we should be «liking» the video not disliking it. We
    should dislike only if it was posted by Fox themselves?

  9. Brayden Byrd:

    Guys don’t lessen to him, he just wants us to stoop to his level. I hate
    his show and he makes me want to talk crap about everything I don’t like
    but I’m not doing it. We can play gta 5 as long as we don’t take anything
    serious. Like for instances, this bill o Riley guy, let’s not take him
    serious. ?

  10. North Fiend:

    I’ve been playing GTA since I was 11 with GTA 3 and have never done
    anything these morons are talking about. Good god these people are stupid
    who let them have a news network? If you kill or steal cars and play video
    games I guarantee you have other issues that cause you to act that way,
    stop with the scapegoats ?

  11. Kiwix Russman:

    Did he call everyone who plays gta stupid? I play it and I’m one of the
    smartest in my class and believe me the rest of my class aren’t stupid
    either ?

  12. Jacob Henderson:

    It’s funny because he just called 30 million people stupid… Wtf?

  13. Shamrock Shake:

    When he says the word «Power» he means the word information, he is trying
    to mask it so that it sounds like a bad thing. Fuck Bill. Fuck him in the
    ass with an Eggplant then go play some GTA. ?

  14. jonathan white-smith:

    bill o reilly is a complete fag?

  15. BLITZ:

    Fuck u u old fart?

  16. Darkblaze4000:

    Hey Carolla, I know that this might be a strange concept, but maybe, just
    maybe, people play video games because it’s fun. It’s just a theory with
    not much backing it though.?

  17. oGJihad:

    Of course instantly calls out shiite muslims.?

  18. Itz DevHD:

    Who else got the GTA V advertisment

  19. thuffman15:

    «The people who play Grand Theft Auto are mostly stupid,» — some random ass
    goofy looking motherfucker.?

  20. conor obrien:

    Well to end this whole thing just ask have you played the game? ?

  21. sgtdockery:

    Wow I think my IQ went down a few points after watching this bullshit. Fuck
    Fox News ?

  22. Ntsika Ngcobo:

    This mother fucker can go fuck him self?

  23. Ben Berg:

    At 1:02 he insults at least 32,500,00 people by calling them stupid

  24. Mathew Robinson:

    did he say people who play gta are stupid?

  25. Chainingchart:

    Adam Carolla was so right?