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Авто Новости (19.10.2009)

Авто Новости (19.10.2009)
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25 комментариев to “Авто Новости (19.10.2009)”

  1. Adam Van Meter:

    i wonder if i could get just the instrumental on this one

    it’s really good?

  2. Hilary Tsai:

    So California is a country now. hmmmm…… ?

  3. Queen Jellybean:

    Love this :D?

  4. mrfotns:

    Whoa bro!!! Chill out!!

  5. zcwalker15:

    Those who are against same-sex marriage but hold no hate in their hearts
    for gays get a bad rep because of people like Yelluca7 and Miss America
    sounding stupid.

  6. unholyhoof1:

    thats pretty gross u should die

  7. ShellsOnTheFloor:

    Why on earth would homosexuality be immoral? It seems to me that love is a
    good thing for the world, and I’m not even gay myself.

  8. Dudeuseyourbrain:

    I love all of the talk about ‘God’s Laws’ on this hilariously stupid video.
    If you follow ‘God’s Laws’ you can’t pick and choose. God approves of
    slavery, stoning sinners to death and sacrifices to him. Oh, and never get
    a divorce. That would be equally as bad as being gay. Not to mention if you
    are a woman, you damn well better subjugate yourself to your husband. He is
    your master after all.

  9. daddyleon:

    oh, if that works so simply (just stating something and making it true),
    then I have one for you: you are either (a) moron, or (b) a closeted
    homosexual yourself

  10. sacred-sacrilege:

    @hellotherebroseph123 Well what if you look at it from a scientific view
    instead of a religious one? Being gay does nothing to hurt anyone, yet
    homosexuals are deprived of all the rights married heterosexual couples
    have. Being homosexual is NOT a choice. People should not be punished
    something that, A isn’t under their control, and B does nothing to harm
    others. Maybe you should pull your head out of the bible and pick up an
    Oscar Wilde book. You might just realize that homosexuals are awesome.

  11. superstubes:

    and fabulous.

  12. sacred-sacrilege:

    Yeah I’m gay and I really don’t see why you give a rats ass about who I’m
    doing considering I don’t even know you.

  13. HardcoreZen2k0:

    Marriage is a tradition that pre-dates Christianity or even Judaism. In
    fact, it pre-dates recorded history. What makes you think Christians have
    somehow inherited the sole responsibilty for dictating the laws of a
    tradition that has been around thousands of years before Jesus or even
    prior to the proposed timeframe of your Adam and Eve? If marriage is
    strictly Christian, then you all should complain just as much about people
    from other religions getting married.

  14. sacred-sacrilege:

    I’ve only been to church a couple times and I haven’t read the bible so no
    I know very little about the Christian religion, but that has nothing to do
    with government (or well it shouldn’t have anything to do with government).
    Expecting everyone to follow your belief system is tyrannical in a way. I
    am spiritual I guess but I would never think of homosexuality as a sin
    because why wouldn’t god condone my love and happiness?

  15. superduck790:

    Lol i love how hypocritical people are. «Being gay is wrong. But im
    athiest» haaahaa! Hypocrites. If youre athiest then why the fuck does it
    matter about gay marriage anyway? Thats just a poor excuse to be
    homophobic. Annnnd how people are all «but the bible says..» yeah and bible
    also says if a man and woman have sex for any other reason than to multiply
    then its an abomination so therefore blowjobs handjobs anal sex eating out
    allll of that is an abomination. So is smoking peircings any kind

  16. stefanybody:


  17. Larry A:

    i STILL know all the words to this lol .

  18. Talibansarewahabbis:

    Just because she has a different opinion to you?

  19. sacred-sacrilege:

    No she’s free to have that opinion, but when she decides too announce it to
    the whole world; criticism should be expected. Also keep in mind, I was
    very angry at the time of writing this comment after coming home from
    school from being treated like crap because everyone thought that me and my
    best friend were lesbians.

  20. HetheAnimelover:

    *boils down to sorry.

  21. Smarty Pants:

    This is the best one!

  22. HetheAnimelover:

    to christian organisations where they are brainwashed (the words of the
    friend that told me this) and tortured till they agree to marry a women and
    yet they still enjoy men’s company. Now that to means sounds very unnatural
    and i hope it is false.

  23. Tosteriffic:

    You have renewed my faith in men. Thank you. *hugs*

  24. sacred-sacrilege:

    I’m not trying to make you homosexual if that’s what you mean and hey if
    that’s what you believe in cool express that opinion but you should expect
    people to use their freedom of speech to argue their opposing view point.
    By the way I thought you weren’t Christian so why are you calling me and my
    «community» (it’s not like everyone who is homosexual know each other)

  25. pubeafro:

    thank god for people like you voicing the truth… some people are gay and
    who gives a crap? live and let live, man.