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Auto-Tune the NEWS: Bed Intruder Song

Big brother antoine dawson is not playing games.
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  1. SkyBrosLPs:

    Dont copy Schmoyoho! .»?

  2. Zhana Simonova:


  3. Rio DJeNIRO:

    I know rape is no laughing matter, but, I must say this young man is
    HILARIOUS to watch, and the remix to music is just over the top FUNNY!!!
    So sorry the young girl had a perv. try to attack her though…I hope they
    caught they guy.?

  4. lykishkeane:

    i appreciate auto tune because of this xD?

  5. 4piglite:

    One of the most brilliant Youtube moments, EVER. I laughed so hard I
    cried, the first 20 times I watched it! :-)?

  6. Ethan Bellamy:

    This cracks me up so much XD?

  7. Anthony Brooks:
  8. Hollie Brown:

    Just wanted to remind you all of this. ?

  9. john doe:

    Hide yo husband the raper is bi lol.?

  10. Tess Handoll:

    Haha! The piano bit at the end! Epic! ?

  11. Michael Lee:

    Funniest song ever?

  12. Julia B.:

    Auto-Tune the NEWS: Bed Intruder Song?

  13. Laser Penguin:

    wtf…did i just watch…

  14. 1025Peacegal:


  15. guy harper:

    Hide ya kids hide ya wife hide ya kids hide ya wife

  16. JakeRSQ02:

    2:39 I found the rapist lol

  17. pandadidyourmom:


  18. Sparky Coulter:

    My Right ear didnt like the Alien-Futuristic like robot noises. My left ear
    however, disliked the video.

  19. mariah brown:


  20. Ben Vogels:

    Oh yeah

  21. ho le fuk:

    They rapin everybody out here HAHA xD

  22. Zharfa nurrachma:


  23. TheAR2414:

    ain’t nobody got time for who dat!

  24. nwjersey14:

    LMFAO that song is so freaking funny!!!!! I laugh every time

  25. shaneylle:

    @VooDooLynx it kinda is..