Auto-Tune the News #7: texting. rhyming. pat buchanan fail. - Автозапчасти б/у | Автозапчасти б/у

Auto-Tune the News #7: texting. rhyming. pat buchanan fail.

ATTN shirts available: thanks to our friend Aaron for his arresting appearance in this episode!…
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Zach McNees helped mix: Lyrics: EH: I think this is an ignoramus statement Umm, I was even a person who thought You know what, pow…
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50 комментариев to “Auto-Tune the News #7: texting. rhyming. pat buchanan fail.”

  1. TheLoserCommander:

    I think this is my favorite from them.?

  2. SserpxGaming:

    I love Katie Couric because of you guys, and I’m not even american xD?

  3. Richard Lewin:

    Auto-Tune the News #7: texting. rhyming. pat buch…:

  4. Pedroaugusto Guimar?es:

    Good music love?

  5. Marc McPherson:

    Over 5 years ago?!?

  6. Bobstew68:

    «We’ve got Trouble in the capital city with a capital T, and that rhymes
    with B, and that stands for Broke.» Did he actually say this in Congress,
    or does it boil down to editing??

  7. DanieL Santiago:

    I miss old school auto tune the news where it’s all rapid fire with a lot
    of quick stories compiled together. The new songs are just one story made
    into a song. Idk it just doesn’t sound as good?

  8. Tasoq:

    Love the end of this song XD?

  9. Christian Armistead:

    Lovin the myspace link in the desc.?

  10. Soce Wizard:

    Swan Lake!!?

  11. Kimi FW:

    This song is better at 1.5 speed.?

  12. Skideos Maghee:

    Probably the best one?

  13. Jorge Medina:

    Katie Couric’s voice sounds surprisingly like Siri’s when autotuned :D?

  14. jonesherself:

    this use to be my fav?

  15. dgoeden0:


  16. Caleb D:

    Hey Sir Schomyoho is that phone you have is that the 2003 phone or what??


    I have sung this song alot of times?

  18. Reofive:

    1:02 Buchanan sounds even stupider when auto-tuned.?

  19. Laura ?.:

    I think people have to start moving away from that. When you don’t know
    much about a country, it’s easy to identify it with the worst it’s known
    for. However, that was 70 years ago. It’s as if I was identifying the USA
    only with the nuking of Japan and nothing else. Your country did a lot of
    other stuff, stuff it can be proud of, and so did we. Of course that
    doesn’t mean we’re not screwing up today… Merkel’s politics are

  20. Mr Duke:

    look how well that worked out for Germany over the last 80 years ROFL

  21. dgoeden0:

    0:49 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  22. ryanexsus:

    WE BROKE!!!!

  23. Ruth Keys:

    sarah and 2 sunglasses.. why?

  24. shaffie59:

    2:34. is his phone…pink?

  25. Mz T:

    If I’m not mistaken, I believe you were referring to the (Greek) born
    Arianna Huffington. I always enjoy her take on the world. Check out her
    online at (Huffingtonpost) … Cheers!

  26. Zane Mauck:

    Songify the news sucks. Bring these back!?

  27. King of Anime:

    Grilling a goat with you….?

  28. TimmahUK:

    When they talk about personal freedoms they have to believe in it, you
    know? Favourited since it’s release!?

  29. Henry Genie:

    They have to believe in it, you know?

  30. metalfacedoom71:

    LOOOOOOOL @ the pottery wheel?

  31. TheGuitarist7000:

    3:22 is just too good not to be used in a real song. ?

  32. LankyB:

    That’s some very thin ice…?

  33. SuperEffectivePoni:

    To what do you refer, shawty? ?

  34. George4theJets:

    Why do I love the section from from 1:31 to 2:12? I don’t know, but it
    makes me cry laughing every time.?

  35. Carol Lotus:

    i can’t stop listening to it since the first time +Geraldo Nascimento ?

  36. optimoon:

    This is still one of the best things on the internet ..?

  37. Dimitri G:

    Almost 5 years later, still sweet, still genius.?

  38. Taizu314:

    Cuba off limits to all americans except Beyonce and Jay z.?

  39. Eric Saeteurn:

    I swear I watched this 30,000 times and i still cant stop watching theses

  40. TheTechnoToast:

    I always thought Ron Paul looked remarkably like Marty Crane from Frasier.?

  41. Sidney Walker:
  42. violetta wullur:

    WTF 0:01 LOL!?

  43. Komiksti:

    Dat ending. :3?

  44. Sam GGV:

    Esos Castros locos, cuidado! xD?

  45. rockaholictom:

    «To what do you refer SHAWTYY?»?

  46. KS616:

    BEST autotune?

  47. dannytheman1313:

    I imagine these guys throw the wildest parties of all time like that scene
    of him in a toga was just a normal thing for them.

  48. yswang0222:


  49. Win Guy:

    One of the best ones these guys have done. Nice, folks!

  50. Shane Wicher:

    Just gotta believe you can fly, y’ know