Auto-Tune the News #4: spa regulation. serbians. sotomayor. - Автозапчасти б/у | Автозапчасти б/у

Auto-Tune the News #4: spa regulation. serbians. sotomayor.

Urgent issues call for equally urgent harmonies, and they are provided by politicians, pundits, and gorillas alike in this chapter of news opera. Lyrics: EG:…
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  1. AwesomeStuff:


  2. Jimmy Cotreau:

    until that moment ARRRRIIIIIIVES?

  3. Maxwell Palmer:

    Healthy clean and lead free shawdayyyyy?

  4. waynemokane:

    Teirdalin Shadowfall, they may be extremely successful now, but how sure
    are you that they had ample funds when they did this video in 2009??

  5. thequitestupid:

    always will be one of the most brilliant series on this site?

  6. venomchris:

    haha still great?

  7. Fabier Perez:

    She’s a shawty she’s a boricua XD?

  8. Ajcheeta:

    The Gregory Brothers — Auto-Tune the News #4 put on osu?

  9. Blind Lunacy:

    When a angry gorilla cries, who’s gonna be there to dry his eyes? Genius!!!
    This is a really catchy song?

  10. Chuck Boris:

    That sexy shoutout, though.?

  11. Anna Harris:


  12. Khalith:

    We need the angry gorilla back.?

  13. JeiHeirumaru:

    ~Lead Poisoning(Barf), Lead Poisoning(Barf, Barf)~

    ~I’m getting sick like (Barf, Barf-Barf, Barf-Barf)~

  14. harmonyandmore:

    I think the gorilla suit was given to them by their granddad, or something
    like that.?

  15. ShadowKosmos:

    I’m pretty sure that’s the point…?

  16. ArtaherDuron:

    ANGRY GORILLA!!!! He’s the shit!!?

  17. Ruth Keys:

    Evan killed this song…..

  18. Derrick ONeal:

    i totally agree

  19. MrGatorHater9:

    the best one. easily

  20. JRMCNEA:

    @schmoyoho It’s been three years >.> when are you going to make «When a
    Gorilla cries» a single? <.<

  21. xavier whaley:

    im watch it until i die! lol

  22. Nexus King:

    I love the songs but I always get depressed because I realize how shitty
    the government is. Lol!

  23. Falenas:


  24. AkilZodiac:

    Dat Angry Gorilla…