Auto-Tune the News #2 Note-for-Note on Japanese Shamisen/Samurai Debate/Naka Bushi - Автозапчасти б/у | Автозапчасти б/у

Auto-Tune the News #2 Note-for-Note on Japanese Shamisen/Samurai Debate/Naka Bushi

Nerd learns another episode of the Gregory Brothers’ amazing Auto-Tune the News series and performs it on the three-stringed fretless Japanese lute called Ts…
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Started by The Gregory Brothers (Michael, Evan, Andrew and Sarah Gregory) Auto-Tune the News takes video clips of Politicians, Pundits, and Newscasters and t…

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  1. ?toile ?clatante:

    Whoa you speak Japanese! :O and whoa that was cool. and like. Wow. |: Lol,
    cute debate.

  2. John Delp:

    Not only am I in love with you, everyone I am in love wiht is in love is in
    love with you. And Nakra Bushi, You’re such a poser. For the last time,
    give up on what’s left of so many people and differ to the left! To the
    right! Oh, baby, do it right! Bring it, bring it back: it’s time for a
    travel to the super heat attack. Dippin’ to the pool, sucka’s goin’ back to
    school, tellin’ female’s what it’s like to be rocking in Schlapools….

  3. appreciatedhate:

    thats pretty kick ass dude

  4. Thethretwone:


  5. Nanashi123:

    Depends how badly you want to learn it, how committed you are, and if you
    have the opportunity to immerse yourself

  6. chrysillo:

    mike, you are fuckin crazy. But u knew that already.

  7. Chris Chin:


  8. Fenizrael:

    Or was it that he didn’t never mean to do that in the first place?

  9. Fede Guzm?n:

    Surely you jest! I’m under cardiar arrest, shamy!

  10. tommyargh:

    You should never not be making videos. 5 stars.

  11. Stephen Eggleston:

    very funny stuff!

  12. darkbluemusic00:

    Very nice. 😀

  13. Mike Penny:

    @Hikikomori013 Haha. That’s Hara Kiri (Japanese title: Seppuku)!

  14. VideoMaker8888:


  15. WhirlyBoy36:

    Once again you kickass. Very well done, and another one I will be listening
    to when I’m having an ATTN session.

  16. FierySockHat:

    beast! nuff said 🙂

  17. drummer48:

    i would love to email you and talk about music and music theory with you
    i’m a pianist but i call my self a theorist before a musician. you are
    great and fun to watch

  18. dragonboyjgh:

    I heard it on piano. liked it. sounded a masterpiece. and now I’ve heard
    this. I’m beaming. Also, anyone else notice that comment from schmoyoho? I
    figure, if your getting compliments from the people youre covering, you
    know you’ve got it made.

  19. pisaniforprez:

    Absolutely brilliant work!

  20. legomationnation:

    0 dislikes. that says it all

  21. FeeLtheHertZ:

    This was F’ing AMAZING! Also, how long did it take you to learn Japanese
    and understand and speak it relatively fluently?

  22. neonstrike:

    Shamisen has such an awesome timbre, so different than the other fretless
    strings. The attack of your right hand just smacks those strings! The
    tremolo sounds really cool too! Thanks for entertaining me, and making me
    aware of this amazing instrument from the east!

  23. Frank Black:

    So weird. Yet so awesome!

  24. MrFighter777:

    Sensational dude!

  25. SSBBpage:

    This is fucking insane.

  26. James Tomlinson:

    Excellent Package Whoever Shot And Edited This!!!!

  27. Benedict Wolfe:


  28. LittlePinkSnowball:

    fantastic piece

  29. P Driggs:


  30. Grass Hope:

    0.24 Fredrik rangfelt?

  31. spidey008:

    @Ollie100002 Agreed. I love The Gregory Brothers and Sarah of course. They
    are a hit.

  32. olfan92:

    @schmoyoho Hugo Chavez air guitar is epic ;D

  33. werellstupid:

    0 people missed the like button

  34. Oliver Yates:

    These guys are great. Best original stuff I’ve seen on the web for a while.

  35. 0Darktouch0:

    @werellstupid lol if someone is wondering i clicked on «dont like» button
    :> cause of this person teehee. but seriously this vid is awesome :]

  36. sergioalpert66:

    I love that the making of Turtle Fence is featured in this piece. It’s
    their best effort. Check out Michael and Sarah giving Jay Z and Alicia Keys
    a run for their money…………»empire state of mind gregory».

  37. FunkDoppler:

    Gorilla Cool! TV is failing anyway. Power to the people!

  38. Viral Drone:

    Awesome. This is truly youtube’s purpose.

  39. filecabinet33:

    @abcumm25 Ahh yes, all the other competition… 😉 He is quite sexy! :DD

  40. blobby135:

    ah I love them. Wanna be in that apartment

  41. abcumm25:

    @filecabinet33 no you’re not! Michael is HOT and millions agree!!! 🙂

  42. Trenton Marrs:

    they sound like dumbasses without the music its weird hahahaha

  43. SchmoyoHoe:

    Just from watching the first 7 seconds I could tell it was an AMAZING video

  44. JLahwz:

    @dant0wn Right on! I found out the programs they use on some interview I
    found on the internet. You can read it here maclife dot
    com/article/feature/gregory_brothers so yeah. Now you know! Your welcome.

  45. ZSandmann:

    Really well done bio on those guys.

  46. Maf212:

    2 people here really need auto-tune to sing

  47. emotevlog:

    These guys are the reason youtube rocks, this idea could make it nowhere
    else but they kick butt here.

  48. Case Morg:

    tv shmeeevee, that looks better than tv !…youtube rocks!

  49. Waynebradychokeabtch Sr.:

    We’re on youtube. Not TV.

  50. peterskateman:

    @TrentWhite no ….. you dont know what your talking about they sound smart