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Auto-Tune the News #13: driving. stripping. swinging. (ft. Weezer)

The hallowed inner sanctum of U.S. Government rocks hard with the aid of representatives from the state of =w=. Weezer’s new album ‘Hurley’ now available — h…
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25 комментариев to “Auto-Tune the News #13: driving. stripping. swinging. (ft. Weezer)”

  1. Weatherbrony:

    R.I.P Auto-tune the news :(?

  2. Bradley Hammer:

    Why is that guy so pissed about someone sitting down lol?

  3. TheCaptainGloves:

    It’s funny because the beat actually sounds like it could be a weezer song.?

  4. Bradley Hammer:

    Why is that guy so pissed about someone sitting down lol?

  5. Some cat:

    The girl on the right on the first guy was either sleeping or texting the
    entire part?

  6. iamtheone whoiamlight:

    If the best argument the Democratic party has is a vacuous pep talk with
    some stupid analogy about driving the economy… Completely ignoring the
    evidence that Republican policies tend to do better for the economy than
    Democrat polices…

    It’s very sad. Hey Obama — why not talk about the actual policies, actual
    economic theories and economic evidence. Are the American people so stupid
    that the only way you can talk to them is to make a lame analogy devoid of
    any actual content (ie economic theory, economic data, economic evidence)??

  7. Lurven -RocketPyro:

    Where is the thousand Barrack Obamas??

  8. Wayne Altman:

    This song is even funnier now that we know that Barack is an even worse
    driver than ANY other President… Unreal how bad we screwed up..?

  9. AndyBar97:

    Republicans don’t know how to drive, that’s why the american people are
    their designated drivers.?

  10. ables nems:

    why burn the coran?

  11. Michael Delgado:

    I still come back here just to hang out with the Emu of Elf Excretion. He’s
    actually a pretty cool guy.?

  12. Dimitri Vasiliadis:

    I actually liked obama. He’s cool, just not a good president.?

  13. Neko Dcat:

    The Republicans don’t know how to drive and the Democrats drive drunk ?

  14. Marlon Antigua:


  15. william amschel:


  16. Martijn Alserda:

    Best one!?

  17. Devin Craig:

    I can’t believe Marty McFly joined the Gregory Brothers!?

  18. Okotowari Shimasu:

    Rock opera , Queen style. you outdone yourselves this time. xD?

  19. Azfar Danial:

    Never gonna subscribe coz’ I’m a kid?

  20. Kolo Dolo:

    Standing in the ditch, BITCH

  21. AimenTv5 ©:

    Wow, very nice!?

  22. DenzPlaysGames:

    please.. please please please.. PLEASE.. please please please please!! Go
    back to your routes Schmoyoho and autotune the news like you used to.. I’ve
    been so close to unsubscribing recently and i don’t want to, you used to
    bring me so much happiness with these videos!!?

  23. BayareaGuy06:

    «The gentleman will sit. Instead of standing up. No. The gentleman will
    sit. The gentleman is correct in sitting. The gentleman will observe
    regular order and sit down. Left right down up down and spin around.» (clap
    clap clap clap clap) Ha Ha Ha Ha LOL ROTFL?

  24. Krik Wetham:

    My reaction to the second clip:»that guy has been playing to much Phoenix

  25. SuperEffectivePoni:

    3:39 excellence ?