Auto-Tune the News #10: Turtles. - Автозапчасти б/у | Автозапчасти б/у

Auto-Tune the News #10: Turtles.

Original song, Aquarium Girl, by Kapluckus—album available here:
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25 комментариев to “Auto-Tune the News #10: Turtles.”

  1. Mister Double Sevens:

    …I feel old now, for seeing this when it was new.?

  2. EqullyFar:

    When I first watched this, I thought it said «The guitar of lemonade».?

  3. Treuze Bits:

    still my favorite Auto-Tunes the news! <3?

  4. Mitch K:

    Q:the world is ending what shall we do!!!
    A:biuld a turtlwe fence?

  5. dooj:

    Is this what congress actually talks about??

  6. Jeremy Black:

    All rise for the Guitar of Liberty!?

  7. PrismaDominatus:

    Too bad, Jobs is dead.


  8. kakashi76767:

    First the turtles became ninjas and now they are becoming doctors…what
    the fuck happen to this country???

  9. Nikorasu Myo:

    Nepotism is strictly disallowed except for Family members. <<< wAd?

  10. KawaiiKol:

    Hetalia brought me here. ouo?

  11. KingLTN:

    All these Auto-Tune the News videos are true classics of YouTube. I’ve
    watched them so many times I still remember the words. ?

  12. XxBinkerdxX:

    It took 5 times to notice at 1:00 the rep is the state i live in XD?

  13. Jacob Taylor:

    This song makes me very nostalgic.?

  14. AlphaDream:

    favorite one?

  15. AndyBar97:

    6-10 and 12-13 are the best auto-tune the news’?

  16. Harry Greaves:

    So the most powerful nation in the world debates about turtles in congress.

  17. Zorex The Dolphin:


  18. Yeti:

    this is hilarious?

  19. ?SkillZ??:

    I Like Turtles!?

  20. ImmaWarEagle:

    All rise for the Guitar of Liberty!?

  21. vanteesomeone:

    We see the Republican opposition to the ACA was well-reasoned from the

  22. Wishkey04:

    Oh god why? Why shit on your own art??