Auto-Tune the News #1: march madness. economic woes. pentagon budget cuts. - Автозапчасти б/у | Автозапчасти б/у

Auto-Tune the News #1: march madness. economic woes. pentagon budget cuts.

Interviewers, sportscasters, and vice presidents alike break into song to report important news. The players include my homey Sarah Fullen Gregory (she marri…

Новости с колес — Выпуск 1203 Подписывайся на свежие тест-драйвы — Присоединяйтесь к АВТО ПЛЮС…
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27 комментариев to “Auto-Tune the News #1: march madness. economic woes. pentagon budget cuts.”

  1. vanteesomeone:

    Funny to see how much better they’ve gotten with the green screen?

  2. Der Pedder:

    12th October 2014 — Still watching?

  3. Emi Sakistich:

    mi potos??

  4. hossahunter22:

    You think Newt Gingrich isn’t a good politician, and then you realize he is
    the first person to be featured on Autotune The News…?

  5. legendarygospel:

    the lady is so funny to me, especially the mustache rebound part lol ?

  6. JeiHeirumaru:

    And so it began….?

  7. violetta wullur:


  8. E- vengalist:

    Great. It had been years since I heard this and gave me a sense of
    nostalgia. Even being »auto tune the news» not »songify this» it sounds
    soooooooo melodic.?

  9. Han Solo:

    ps Someday by Sarah WAS AWESOME. Made me cry.?

  10. Han Solo:

    Its been years since they made a new one. Why aren’t they making anymore
    vids? Your fans miss you guys and gal.?

  11. Limey177:

    Better than kesha. Haha

  12. WillyWonkaIsSatanic:

    Replies are clearly better, silly goose.

  13. Michael the Magician:

    «Three words: Viagra» Okay then.

  14. Joe Fokke:

    Deffinately bettr than the beeb…. And atleast a hundred times bettr than
    NICKLEBACK! i fukkn hate them….

  15. IzziStorm2015:

    These never get old 😀

  16. Pulsarium:

    Turrets said «Auto-tune the News» at/near the end of the vid. I swear.

  17. JJMM33:

    I hate people who comment on the people who ask for thumbs up.

  18. gonzalitofilms:

    me suscribo 😉

  19. sabu85:

    and i hate people who hate both people who ask for thumbs up and who
    comment on the people who ask for thumbs up.

  20. Sups:

    I’m from Michigan D:

  21. MadKingRon:

    2009? Weird, I thought this was much older, like 2007 older.

  22. Antoine Robinson:

    just brilliant!! why didn’t I think of doing this, sigh

  23. taylor7white:

    Should have probably spent more time learning the names of the National
    Championship teams playing… It was Michigan State, not Michigan. Two
    completely different schools. Idiots..

  24. RickeySnake:

    @computerdl Yours isn’t. But if this becomes a top comment, I am sorry.
    Real sorry.

  25. Invisibillion:

    I just realized that only Michael and Sarah are in this one!

  26. АВТО ПЛЮС:

    Новости с колес — Выпуск 1203?

  27. dieselekk:

    Акура с двумя сцеплениями и гидротрансформатором?? Что за лажа??