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Армию лишили дорогих авто (новости)

http://www.ntdtv.ru Армию лишили дорогих авто. Компартия КНР продолжает претворять меры по борьбе с коррупцией. Последнее нововведение: запрет на установку н…
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On the occasion of Obama’s 102nd day in office, let us take a brief, auto-tuned look back. Be the first to see Auto-Tune the news on twitter: http://www.twit…
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  1. naxalik:


  2. alex hoe:


  3. King of Anime:

    You know what’s funny? At 0:35, it looks like Schmoyoho and Sarah were
    really there and the President was photoshopped in, instead of the other
    way around.?

  4. Lubenskii:

    HEY this was posted on my birthday 😀

  5. magicisfunable:


  6. AnchalagonTheBlack:

    Hmm. Perhaps that was a bit harsh. And vulgar. But really, making a fool
    out of yourself in front of thousands of people making fun of someone with
    a disability? Such a jerk.

  7. NoRappingAllowed:

    If I ever get elected as President I will appoint schmoyoho as Secretaries
    of the Press.

  8. golfr7k1:

    the way you had oreilly dancing was sensational

  9. Kratos:

    who the hell is that bitch that’s making fun of people that cannot walk
    normal- 1:44?

  10. chris9086:

    Auto-Tune the Moos.

  11. KrazyK923:

    @ultimatepwn5 Dumb people will always be dumb.

  12. dreamgirl8003:

    @cobrahawk3 ….LOL….so true

  13. Anthony Byrns:

    Notice that there is nothing bad on CBS but on fox news they make fun of
    all the reporters any ways that fox news is consertive


    edgar schickt mich

  15. bryantylergagne:

    Obama girl is GORGEOUS!!! 0.0

  16. Tim Moore:


  17. 40chickadee:

    hey is that ummmm i think andrea from key of awsome???

  18. allthegoodonesweretaken:

    glad other people recognize these guys make shitty videos 99% of the time.

  19. Wolf:

    When Beck was doing the whole «Tiny Tim» thing I felt like hitting him with
    that cane so hard…

  20. leonard paker:

    bad bad bad

  21. Simpkin1992:

    Cow is a great singer (and burger)

  22. milczypiotr:

    i forgot about this vid it’s a good thing i’m doing a marathon through
    schmoyoho videos 😛

  23. oSoReLaXeD:

    Why does their green screen looks 5000x better in this video than any of
    their other ones?

  24. GentxScholar:

    all i know is he is a republican lol

  25. MegaAlabamafan22:


  26. Jay Vee:

    Weekend -> Edgar Wasser -> Dieses Video 😀