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2012 Dodge Charger RT Reviews & Auto News — Car Pro

2.24.12 This week with Dodge, Jerry Reynolds The Car Pro keeps us up to date on everything automotive! See what he said about this new 2012 Dodge Charger RT …

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  1. jjlwis:

    how is the mileage? please give some real world numbers.. my 2003 toyota
    4cyl just barely gets 23mpg… but that is with driving it normal, traffic,
    freeways, hitting redline to accelerate to pass… normal driving.. 23 is
    my average with a 18.5 gal fuel tank.. but I always fill up when it reaches
    16 gal. how are your numbers for the charger with V8. same driving
    conditions.. please write back! ..

  2. Jason Gamble:

    On the 5.7 hemi 89 is recommended but it will run fine on 87.

  3. 45barber1:

    i waant this car soooo bad

  4. zulu45:

    I (literally) just bought this car less than a week ago, sans the Nav
    system, and I love it! Though I wish I had that Nav system (this was on the
    lot, and wasn’t equipped with it), my iPhone 4S will work just fine for
    that. I was surprised how, with a light foot, economical it can be while
    with a lead foot in sports mode, it is a straight-up muscle car. It is, to
    me, the perfect vehicle.

  5. Stevenhiggles:

    i ran a 2012 rt in my 07 altima and it did a good job. i still pulled
    rather hard to it tho but it is deffinatly an improvment. it had a exhuast
    on it tho. not stock. a large quad tip exhaust.

  6. Ynvchris:

    I have the 2011 rt I can’t tell the difference except for the park and
    drive and reverse in the dash

  7. agentm31:

    What kind of gas does it use? Premium is my guess but could you use 89

  8. ronald santiago:

    love my charger 13! deym 900 per month shiet! :))

  9. zulu45:

    Measuring both manually and via the computer, I’m getting 25-26 highway
    (going 73 mph on cruise control) and an average of 16-17 mpg city, doing
    heavy city driving right now in Tampa, FL. An over-all average is dependent
    on the highway vs city driving proportions. I’ve found it to be great in
    traffic where that oomph from being a muscle car comes in handy. Manually
    shifting with the paddles or autostick ensures no time lost via an
    automatic for merging and lane changing.

  10. xDiesel25x:

    Premium is recommended but 89 octane can be used